We keep things simple, creating films about one couple's story — your story — your unique love and its extraordinary celebration.

Our package includes:

+ Your 4-5 minute Wedding Highlight film, hosted in an online gallery to share with family and friends

+ Your filmed, uncut vows (with natural sound).

+ Your filmed, uncut speeched (with natural sound).

+ An Instagram-ready 30-second trailer of your big day — simple, fun, and perfect.

We set out to craft one film to stand the test of time. We put heart and soul into every story we tell, which means our efforts must center on the contents of our Wedding Package alone.

We believe your film should live on as both keepsake and time-capsule; as lighting in a bottle and unending declaration of fidelity. We capture the anticipation and revelry of the bride and groom getting ready. We're there for the big reveal, the walk down the aisle, the tears falling, those awesome vows, and the presentation of the newly wedded couple.

We raise a glass to the toasts and we showcase your epic moves on the dance floor.

In short, we create a film — a legacy — that you'll love forever. 



How to capture the story of your wedding — with all of its romance, chaos and fleeting seconds of quiet — is one of the most important things to consider when planning your beautiful day.

Each wedding story is unique to itself, comprised of its own colors, its own details, its own precious loving words, and its own epic celebrations. We want you, after the day has rushed by in a happy-shiny blur, to look back at your story and be swept up once more in every beautiful moment, so you can relive the celebration every day of your marriage, together.

Revel couples are trendsetters. They hand-write their own vows and curate every detail to showcase their own style and personality. They won't pass on the opportunity to share a tailor-made cocktail with their guests, and they leave it all on the dance floor. When the night ends, our Revelers are all about the sparkler exit - with some confetti thrown in for good measure. 

If you're as stoked as we are and if there's a chance Revel would be the perfect fit for capturing your wedding day, we would love to talk and make it happen for you.




We're your storytellers, not your cable providers. We're not about 'set times' or 'hours of coverage' because we know spontaneity and magic don't adhere to a schedule. Laugh-out-loud and teary-eyed moments occur without warning, so knowing that when you book us, we bring it. You should be smooching, laughing, and dancing your socks off, not worrying about the clock. We're there from the beginning and we don't leave until those 'Just Married' tail lights turn the corner and leave our sight.


Just so we're clear, we absolutely love your vows. They're the foundation of your story and all our films. We focus on a 'vows-only' approach because to have an uncut , real-time film of the entire ceremony would necessitate multiple cameras, additional shooters, assistants, and extra gear. Ultimately, all of those add-ons, we feel, only creates stress and distraction for both you and your spouse-to-be.


We're based in L.A. and have enjoyed exploring Southern California with our past Revel couples. That said, we're always looking forward to the next destination wedding! Here's our proposal — our rate is our rate, no matter the place. However, we do require our travel expenses and accommodations to be covered. All we need are plane tickets, a roof over our head (thatch, tile, whatev) for two nights, and transport to/from the airport. Let's talk, let's fly!